The ESL Teacher's Pre-Planning Guide Pt 1.png

The Busy Teacher’s Guide to Pre-Planning

A workbook for teachers who want to create lesson plans that meet student needs, engage learners, and flow seamlessly.

The Busy Teacher’s Guide to Pre-Planning is a workbook designed for ESL teachers who find themselves putting together lessons at the last minute, spending way too much time on the decision-making stage, or not knowing where to begin.

This workbook was created to help teachers create a more useful and manageable lesson plan for both themselves and their students through pre-planning.

The four sections of the book help you to find ways to meet your students’ needs every step of the way, while still respecting and incorporating curriculum, requirements, and other factors that influence your classroom.

Equipped with information to guide you, questions to answer, and charts to fill out, you won’t want to miss out when The Busy Teacher’s Guide to Pre-Planning launches in November!