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So, You Need to Learn English…


A set of 7 lesson plans and more than 15 printable worksheets designed specifically for beginner-level adult language learners.

Looking for Beginner-Level Adult ESL Lesson Plans? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

So, You Need to Learn English: 7 Beginner-Level Lesson Plans for Your Adult Learners is a set of 7 lessons designed to help your adult language class begin speaking English independently and with confidence!

Equipped with countless activities, reusable routines, and over 15 worksheets created with adult learners in mind, So You Need to Learn English is the perfect place to start with your new ESL class.

This set of 7 topical lessons was designed to help give your students a solid foundation in English. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Community

  • Setting Language Goals

  • Friends & Family

  • Making Plans

“How Do I Know If It’s Right For My Class?”

So, You Need to Learn English (SYNLE) was created specifically for beginner-level adult students. The lesson plans and activities assume a basic level of conversational English, reading, and writing.

While SYNLE is written for students who have a basic level of conversational English, almost every activity has suggestions to make it perfect for your class. Whether your students have less language or more language than the activity requires, these lesson plans were created to be easily adjusted to fit you and your students.